Some of our Frequently Asked Questions

Performance Days

Opening times - Doors to the venue will open one hour prior to the commencement of the first session for the day.

What to do on arrival - please register at the Quota desk and hand in your music - music can be handed in for the whole day or for the morning, afternoon or evening session. If you are using a smart device, you still need to register with the Quota staff so that we know you have arrived. If using a smart device, you are required to take the device to our sound technician.

Arrival time - please ensure you arrive before the beginning of the session time (it is unwise to try to calculate the time a performance may commence as we often have performers not able to compete) and we have had instances where a performer has missed the section altogether.

If you are delayed - please contact Heather or Margaret on mobile - text is best as we often have our phones on silent.

Parents/teachers backstage - at Logan Entertainment Centre a maximum of two teachers/helpers are permitted backstage - at Crete Street Theatre one parent/teacher is permitted backstage for 8 years and under only.

Can performers watch other performances - yes. At Logan Entertainment Centre performers can go to the balcony area to watch (they do require a competitor’s pass to be permitted to enter), however on some of the big group days there is insufficient capacity for all students. At Crete Street Theatre, performers are permitted into the auditorium free of charge.

Where can buses park at Logan Entertainment Centre - there is specific bus parking areas - download the bus parking map here.


How do I enter the Eisteddfod - all entries are via Comps-Online.

I entered, but can no longer attend - please advise if you are unable to attend and if possible, we can try to fit you into a higher age group. Unfortunately, we cannot issue any refunds.

I will no longer be performing in all sections entered - we would truly appreciate you advising us as soon as you know you will not be performing so that we can reviewing the programming and dressing rooms. Email as at the appropriate genre email address or


All performances must strictly adhere to the time limit allowed - a bell will be run at 30second to go and another bell at the allotted time, at which time the performance must finish.


Stage Dimensions - Logan Entertainment Centre

Depth – 9.6m from hard back wall

Width - 11.2m


Depth - 6m

Width - 7.2m

Entry to and from the Stage

Performers may enter the stage from either side, or from both. In the interests of the safety of our performers, we request that once the performance has started there is no crossover behind the stage. At Logan Entertainment Centre, the area behind the stage is a thoroughfare and it is very dangerous to have performers making fast runs between sides of the stage when other people are walking in that area. If you feel it is absolutely essential for your students to cross behind the stage, please advise us at the time of registration at the Quota desk so that we can ensure safe access.

Props - we appreciate that the use of some props can enhance performances, however, we do ask that props be kept to an absolute minimum as there is no storage area at Logan Entertainment Centre or Crete Street Theatre. Only props that can be carried easily on stage will be permitted.

Tights - it is a requirement of the Eisteddfod that all performers must wear tights, unless they have leggings that go to at least the knee.

Group Dance - Dressing rooms - dressing room capacity is limited at Logan Entertainment Centre and is spread throughout the venue. It is a requirement that every person in the dressing room area has either a competitor or teacher’s pass. Teachers will be handed the required number of passes and will give those to helpers required in the dressing room.

Solo Dance - Novice Sections - to qualify for the novice sections in the solo dance, the competitor must not have placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at any competition in any style of dance.

Own choreography - this section is for a dance of any style which has been solely choreographed by the performer, without the assistance of teachers or parents. Costumes or dance class wear can be worn for this section. 

audience tickets

Logan Entertainment Centre - tickets go on sale a month or so before the event. We would encourage audience members to pre-purchase their tickets to avoid waiting in lines. Unfortunately we cannot hold up performances for anyone waiting in line for tickets.

Crete Street Theatre - tickets are purchased at the venue - EFTPOS facilities are available.